Monday, September 2, 2013

Next Level Nail Art

To say I have a healthy love for nail art is a massive understatement. I am a lady obsessed. I am always painting my nails with new designs, prints, colors, etc. If you've spent even 2 seconds with me you know that. Friday night drinks? No thanks, got some new cheetah print nails I'm trying out! I'm always looking for finer brushes, brighter paints, more glitter, more everything really. I will stop a girl in the street if I think she's got an awesome manicure.

I was in 3rd grade when I got my first, very own nail polish. My babysitter gifted me the most amazing silver sparkly glitter polish I had ever laid eyes on. I painted my nails every other day when I got that bottle. I dunno if it was just for nostalgia's sake or what, but I held onto that bottle until about 2 years ago. Good times right there.

Anyways, I was just browsing some nail tutorials over the weekend (nerdin' out, deal with it) and discovered this gem of a video. Dude. This chicks nail game is totally next level. She paints unicorns on her nails and tells a story. Seriously. It's pretty much the best and most bizarre thing I've seen lately.

Oh, and then there's one called 2 Unicorns 1 Cup. Yeah, take a seat and watch this puppy too. You're in for a treat.