Wednesday, September 11, 2013


Strathcona stockings are pretty much the coolest thing you can do to your legs! Run by artist and designer Ryley O'Byrne, the exciting prints and patterns of Strathcona socks and stockings are all "designed, collaged, photographed or drawn at the Strathcona studio or on various travels" which translates to super cool, edgy uniqueness for your feet. They're a perfect gift for yourself or others--even the artist's grandmother rocks these bad boys! 

My personal favorite, the Pink Mary Jane Socks, can be found at both our Lower East Side store and our Greenpoint location. So, whether you wear 'em high (wink wink) or scrunch 'em low, you're sure to have the raddest ankles on the block!

We also have these fab styles between our Lower East Side and Greenpoint stores:

Make sure to come by and get your favorite print before they're all snapped up!