Wednesday, October 23, 2013


Gunnard Jewelry is our newest obsession at Old Hollywood! The pieces are all hand made in western Massachusetts using sterling silver and 14k gold filled wire.  Gunnard's own slogan,"no beads. no whimsy. only good design and beautiful things," is perhaps the most concise and accurate way to describe Gunnard's style. All of the pieces are super architectural and elegant, and perfect for layering (which is completely necessary considering at what incredible prices the designs run)! We have plenty of Gunnard to go around at both stores--check out some of our favorites below and make sure to pop in for your own perfect piece!

Auriferous Nest Ring in 14K

Together/Apart Ring in Sterling Silver

Trilateral #1 Ring in 14K

Interruption Ring in Brass   

Eileen Gray Cuff in Sterling Silver

Natives Earring in Sterling Silver