Friday, October 18, 2013

New Music: Front Country

It's easy to love our customers when the are so freaking cool. Today I met an awesome couple over at the LES shop. So many things made them stand out but more than anything how evidently in love they still were after 30 years of marriage and how totally proud they were of their daughter who turns out to be an amazingly talented Bluegrass singer named Melody. I've been streaming Melody Walker and Jacob Groopman over here all day and it's really puts you in a great mood. Download her new album for free here
Melody and Jacob have been playing together for only two years but already they have achieved quite a bit of recognition together as 'Front Country'. The duo calls San Francisco home, but they have travelled all over the US making a splash in Bluegrass and folk festivals nationwide.

After listening to a few songs I decided to send Melody an email through her contact page on her website asking that she let me know next time she travels to NYC. Turns out she is playing at THE ROCK SHOP in Brooklyn on November 9 and The Jalopy Theater Roots and Ruckus the following week!
Can't wait to give these two a proper Brooklyn welcome!