Monday, November 25, 2013

Tree time!

It's about time to put up those trees and deck them out with all kinds of fun stuff.
Back in stock is a shop favorite, Blown glass feather ornaments. These elegant and unique ornaments consist of colorful feathers nestled inside mouth-blown hollow glass spheres, drops and icicles.

New to the store this season are the amazing woodland friends brushy ornaments. Mischievous kittens and woodland animals frolic festively as part of the Brushy Ornaments by Roost. Their fuzzy brushy bodies are crafted from natural sisal fibers, which are a product of the agave plant. Wooden accents provide charming leg details. Twine hanging loops are also included for easy placement on a tree. The Brushy Ornaments by Roost are completely hand crafted, each one showing its own personality and individuality.

Last but not least sprinkle some sparkly moon dust over your tree to give it a little twinkle. 

 With these new additions your tree is sure to be the envy of all your neighbors and the talk of the holiday party.