Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Best places to sled in Brooklyn

Yea, it's snowing again... which got me thinking about the good old days when I used to go sledding down the two big hills in he neighborhood park where I grew up in St. Louis. Every time it snowed my mom would bundle me up in my snowsuit and I'd grab my saucer sled and hit the slopes. 

But sledding in New York seems like a total impossibility considering the lack of wild landscape and the concrete flat lands we call home. But turns out there are several spots that are pretty conducive to sledding.

1. Fort Greene Park:
There are four different hills here, and everyone has a rollin' good time, from adults to the youngest of Brooklynites. There's a natural incline in this park that makes for a lot of fun. You can enter at Willoughby Avenue or DeKalb Avenue.

Check these kids out, making it happen after snow storm Nemo...

2. Hillside Park:
Tucked away in Brooklyn Heights, you can get a little sledding in at Columbia Heights. Brooklyn's Hillside Park is one of New York's sweetest pocket-sized parks. When you are done grab a hot chocolate at Tazza on Henry St.

3. Highland Park:
Highland Park straddles Brooklyn and Queens. Lots of Brooklynites have never heard of it, because this park is administered by the Queens, not the Brooklyn, Parks Department. But who cares, if the sledding is good?

4. Prospect Park:
This a no brainer, but the park is HUGE, let me tell you where the best spots are...
  • Near the Tennis House at Prospect Park West and 9th Street
  • In the meadow off Grand Army Plaza
  • Behind the Picnic House at the Third Street Entrance
This is where the sledders "in the know" will be.
Maybe even these crazy naked sledders, who knows???!!!