Monday, December 9, 2013

New designer: Altiplano

Altiplano is a fair trade cooperative based in Vermont that sells handmade goods from Guatemala. Twenty-five years ago John von Wodtke and Shari Zarin set out on a 6-month journey through Central and South America. They began their trip in Guatemala and the country stole their hearts.

The couple purchased many handmade crafts while in South America and upon their return they began selling these items and soon planned a return trip. the Altiplano collections are meticulously designed by Shari twice a year, responding to her own artistic direction and fashion trends. She finds passion in her creative expression, and in creating opportunity in Guatemala. 

All of Altiplano's products are handcrafted in the highlands (Altiplano) of Guatemala.  Based on the beautiful shores of Lake Atitlan, beneath the towering volcanoes, Altiplano has been providing fair wage and employment for over 20 years. 

The Altiplano collection passes through many hands before reaching you. Working with many of the same artisans since it's inception, the quality and design of Altiplano products reflect years of experience.  Altiplano provides employment opportunities to cooperative groups, small family businesses and to women in their own fair trade workshop.  In an effort to support traditional life, Altiplano offers women the opportunity to work at home, making them available for their children, and other domestic duties, while earning financial independence.