Friday, January 17, 2014

All Psyche Jewelry now on SALE

I'm sure you've heard that we are have a HUGE sale right now at both stores and now to add to the greatness we have marked all Psyche jewelry 30% off as well. 

Nina Berenato, a native of St.Louis, Missouri, began her career in fashion design. Travelling through the Midwest and eventually finding her way to New York City, Nina found herself bored with a job as a stylist in SoHo and took a beginner’s metalsmithing class in the evenings to fulfill her creative compulsion. As she learned the basics of metal work, Nina truly fell in love with the art and design process involved in jewelry making. 

In 2012 Psyche was born with its first collection called ‘Cosmic’. Constantly driven to create, Nina explores new materials and processes with each new collection. Her compositions are inspired by ancient mythology, abstraction, and feminine strength. Psyche is a meeting of modernism and reminiscence, subtlety and power. She also works here in the shop on a regular basis, so chances are you've met her :)