Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Henley Brands

Introducing Henley Brands, the coolest engineers of practicality and efficiency, all wrapped up in a neat little package. It's no surprise that they've been traveling the world and honing their designs since the mid-1900's, since each item oozes with brilliance and the utmost functionality. Whether you need to find the perfect gift for just about anyone, or just need a little organization in your life, Henley Brands is sure to satisfy your every need!

Feast your eyes on the Henley Brands multi-tools! On the left, we have the credit card multi tool that slides effortlessly into your wallet, and to the right, the key hugging multi-tool which fits over an existing key so as not to bulk up your keychain. They each feature all the necessities: bottle opener, screwdriver, multiple wrenches, nail file and even tweezers!

For the wino on the go, Henley Brands has it all! The wine tote set features an insulated shoulder bag to keep your whites chill and your reds feeling snug! And, to prove they've truly thought of everything, inside the front pocket you'll find a brushed stainless steel corkscrew. The corkscrew keychain is compact and always ready to come to the rescue on those nights when you just hadn't planned on drinking a bottle of wine (yeah, sure).

This wireless speaker is handsome and functional. It offers 8 hours of continuous play in a snazzy little carrying case. It comes equipped with a USB recharging cable. Speaking of recharging, are you the one always asking to borrow your friends' phone chargers? Henley's smartphone recharging kit has you covered. They've included a 3-tipped universal charging cable that fits all iPhones, Droids, tablets, and other mobile devices! The charger also features a flashlight just in case you're afraid of the dark.

Speaking of,  there'll be no need to fear the dark with this  bad boy on your key ring! The three super bright LED lights have extremely long battery life and are water resistant, as well! Now that we've gotten the lighting taken care of, the Henley Brands fisheye lens is ready to provide the perfect photo. The lens comfortably fits all iPhone 4 and 5 models and maximizes your scope for group shots or gorgeous landscapes!

Lastly, for the writer or the seamstress on the go: this collapsible pen and mini mending kit are certainly going to come in handy whether you happen to conceive of the idea of the century or simply pop a button during lunch! The collapsible pen extends for autographs and then easily shrinks back to fit neatly on your keychain. It includes three replaceable ink cartridges. Modeled after the mending kits used during WWII, the 50-piece mending kit features several colors of thread, scissors, needles, buttons and even a thimble! 

What you need when you need it.