Thursday, February 13, 2014

Countdown To Valentine's Day: For Your Longtime Lover!

There's only one more day until Valentine's Day is upon us! Whether or not you will be basking in it's loving glow or hiding in the shadows of your favorite bar until the clock strikes midnight, we have a hunch that there's someone out there who you want to show the love to! 
If your Long Time Lover happens to be a lady, something feminine and bold like these rings will send just the right message!

Clockwise from Left: Sparrow Set Edwardian Garnet Ring - Vintage - $220.00 - , .5 Carat Almandine Garnet Ring - Vintage - $220, Rhodium Lace Crown Ring - Elizabeth Knight - $110.00 -

On the other hand, if your Long Time Lover is a fella, we've got you covered with some awesomely intricate bands by Digby & Iona! 

Clockwise from top Left: Heart Signet Necklace - Digby & Iona - $165.00 - , Battle Diagram Ring - Digby & Iona - $150.00 - , Ruler Ring - Digby & Iona - $150.00 - , Ties That Bind Ring - Digby & Iona - $150.00 -

So, whether you've got a secret crush, a shorty or a boo, the greatest mom in the world, or your closest bestie, make sure to tell them how much you love and adore them tomorrow! Valentine's Day is the perfect excuse for getting a little mushy, and also for loading up on pink champagne and bonbons. We have the rest of February to practice being cold and detached, so take advantage of this sweet day!