Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Lets Talk About the North Pole

Oh I'm sorry, you thought it was cold here in NYC?!?!

While daydreaming of exciting things to do in tropical, far away islands, I stumbled across the story of Swedish explorer and balloonist, S.A. Andree. Andree attempted to make history in 1897 by crossing the North Pole with a trio of fellow explorers by hot air balloon.

Things quickly took a tragic and ultimately fatal turn when the balloon crashed after only 2 days flight. The team, while prepared for an aerial expedition, were in no way shape or form, prepared to make the journey by foot and sadly, succumbed to the brutal conditions of the Arctic.

Much remained unknown about their fates for 30 years. It wasn't until their remains - along with cameras, undeveloped film and diaries - were discovered by another group of explorers in 1926, that some light was finally shed on their final days.