Wednesday, May 21, 2014

The World is WIDE.

The world is a great BIG place.  Filled with fascinating cultures that don incredible fashions.
Warm weather for me always means lots of fun textiles.  My collection of embroidered clothing and peruvian bracelets and indian collars could adorn a queen, but they just don't work all year round here in beautiful Brooklyn.  So as soon as the warmer weather starts creeping in, I bust out my pom pom anklets, my inca bracelets, and all the bright beads and embroidery my heart can handle.


This summer however is a little different.
Afghans and 1970's indian wear is back, Mexico &  Peru's influence is stronger than ever this season.
That means that designers are making some pretty sweet things & I have stocked some really beautiful authentic Kuchi, Peruvian, Moroccan, American Indian, & Mexican adornments.
Not to mention some pretty great reproductions inspired by these cultures.
Hoarding all my ethnic pieces only makes the travel itch that much more unbearable! 
Here's to seeing the world, if only for now in our homes and wardrobes!
And the best part is, this stuff will NEVER go out of style, you will treasure these items for life.

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Otomi Mexico

-Christophe Sauvat Paisley Dress (Mexican Inspired) $250
-Tea N Rose Embroidered Sheer Blouse (Mexican Inspired) $48
Inca Bags (Fair Trade from Artisans in Peru) $10

-Vintage Kuchi Collars (India) $68

-Leather friendship Bracelets (Fair Trade from Artisans in Cape Town, Africa) $4
-Woven Friendship Bracelets (Fair Trade from Artisans in Peru) $4

-Inca Bracelets (Fair Trade from Artisans in Peru) $12

Pouch from Plain Indians (you can see these at the Natural History Museum)

Pendleton Beach Towels (Oregon) $48

Pendleton celebrates American Indians & this season we have new prints and each month the prints will change!  So if you don't already own 3 of these towels, you are not living!  This month there is a purple one from a western plain indian design, the black printed one is a weave from an Arizona Tribe, & the red one is a Southwest tribe, my guess is around Mexico because it has such a mexican influence.

Olive & Oak Blue Tie Dye Printed Dress with Tassels and Mexican Trim (mexican inspired) $68
Shashi Beaded Sam Bracelets (mexican inspired) $20
Christophe Sauvat Embroidered Beaded Vest (Peruvian Inspired) $560

 Mara Hoffman Embroidered Evil Eye Bomber Jacket (Peru Meets the East) $396
Psyche Gatherer Ear Cuff (African Inspired) $155

Hammocks (Fair Trade from Brazil) $30 

Woven Bag (Mexican Inspired) $120

Vintage Pom Pom Bracelets (Peru) $20-$24

Shashi Jewelry (Moroccan & Mexican Inspired) $20-$78

Kuchi Replica Cuff (India/Morocco) $32
Shashi Beaded Tassel (Mexican) $20
Shashi Tassel Chain Bracelet (Mexico/Morocco) $40

We also have a sprinkling of real deal vintage clothing from the regions!  
Prices vary.