Wednesday, January 13, 2016


This is only the second celebrity death that has had a real significant impact on me. 
The first was Jim Henson.
Words cannot express how much both of these men have influenced my life and who I am as an artist.

When I was 5, I saw The Labyrinth for the first time. It blew my mind.   I remember being very confused, because, for the first time I was feeling something. I LOVED the Goblin King. I couldn't understand why Sarah chose that stupid baby over this weird androgynous being who reminded me of a Rockette.  He was a boy, but looked like a woman. What does it mean? 
I was also confronted many times in the past year with the fact that not everyone (a shocking number of people in fact) have seen this film.  And then coupled with several encounters with people who had never even HEARD of it.  I guess a sign that I am getting old but --- still! This movie impacted my life so much I feel I am surprised every time when people haven't seen it.
So, Bowie has passed away.
The glitter donning, platform wearing Spider from Mars has returned to his place in Space.  The rebel who opened my eyes to art, fashion, and rock n roll. The man who weirdly defined my sexuality, expanded my imagination, and taught me all about radical self expression and being who you are, without worrying about what others think. 
The man who was the poster child for the underground. A living example of an alternative lifestyle. Someone who questioned gender identity and made us curious. And we were OH SO CURIOUS.
Here I toast this man's legacy. For inspiring us all. I am eternally grateful.

Out celebrating his life at House of Yes last night.